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Sanam Marvi

Just when you start drowning in the swirling whirlpool of pessimism thinking that Pakistan lacks genuine talent in the field of music (referring to the dearth of trained musicians, not the mouthy, shouty pop kind) there comes a pleasant surprise that fills you with excitement and pulls you out of despair. Check out Sanam Marvi, the young presentable, homespun girl from the land of Sindh. She’s the next big thing, without a jot doubt.

With a voice that pierces right through your heart and a vocal range that can move the skies, Sanam Marvi knows how to sing. The other day one got to hear (courtesy PTV) her sing alongside the inimitable Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, a song titled Parcham Shala Pawar. It was an auditory treat. Make it audio-visual pleasure. The girl matched Rahat Ali Khan taan for taan and was equally praiseworthy, if not more. Whoever has taught her, or whoever is her ustad, s/he needs to be commended for tapping into an exceedingly promising individual.

Methinks Sanam Marvi should be nurtured and groomed (not to forget celebrated) by the music industry. Otherwise her sugary voice may drown out in the cacophony of pop musicians who emerge on the music scene by the dozen every passing day.


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