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Darshan-A Golden Oldie Of Pakistan

Pakistani actor rehman

Film: Darshan
Realesed on: September 8th, 1967
Actors: Shabnum, Rehman, Mustafa
Producer: KumKum
Director: Rehman
Music & Lyrics: Bashir Ahmad
Singers: Madam Noor Jehan, Mala and Bashir Ahmad

These songs as our treasures, sweet music wrapped in urdu poetry.

Tumhare liye is dil mein kitni chahat hai.

Chal diye tum jo dil tor ker.

Chun liya Ik phool ko

Ye mausam ye mast nazarey.

Ye saman pyara pyara.

Hum chale chor ker teri mehfil sanam.

Gulshan mein baharon mein tu hai.

Din raat khayalon mein tujhe pyar karonga.

Complete Movie Darshan


1. javaid - November 10, 2008

very very very excellent site but……
name is not such that it can be searched easily. im regular serfer for 6 years but tonight i found it by chance, while i was searching for something else. anyway, im happy tonight and it is in my favourite now

2. Muhammad Hussain Khilji - January 21, 2009

during searching FLim Darshan Songs through Google I have found this site and also i have seen this site i like and prude that we have as this type people and talent and also we have maked world class family movies. Very very congratulation and hope for more develpment in this site and more best progress.
Hussain From Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan

3. M. Farooq - January 13, 2011


I have been looking for the film Darshan for a long time, and unable to locate/obtain it. I am delighted to see the songs uploaded. Great, and many thanks.

The songs of Darshan are also available on YouTube. Is it possible to upload the entire film in several segments here or on YouTube. I am sure many fans of this film would deeply appreciate it.

Once again, deepest appreciation.

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