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Alamgir-The King Of Pakistani Pop

Who can forget the songs like “Maine Tumhri gager se kabhi pani piya tha, Shaam say pehle aana and Mujhay dil say na bhulana” . . .!!!

I have no words for such a soothing, romantic and well composed song, I will always be short of words to describe this one …!!!

Life & Career

Alamgir was born in 1954  to Bengali  parents in East Pakistan , which is now Bangladesh . He studied in Mirzapur Cadet College, Mymensingh, Bangladesh. He briefly studied in PAF Shaheen School, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Where Munni Begum also studied. He left home at the age of 16, in search of his destiny. He brought with him his guitar and an extra shirt and a small tape recorder. He did not know anyone in Karachi  and desperately was in search of a job. He worked in Karachi , playing guitar, at a small cafe in Tariq Road area called the “Cafe D Khan“. The cafe was famous for its intellectual gatherings and that is where he was spotted. His remuneration was a free meal at the hotel. Someone from the audience in the hotel liked his Guitar playing and told him about the programme at the TV station called Ferozan where Khushbakht Aliya was conducting a show for the youth. He gave his audition, Khushbakht liked his Guitar playing but she had already selected someone else. It just so happened that Sohail Rana , the music director was in the next studio and asked someone to call Alamgir to his car outside the TV station. He said, he liked his (Alamgir’s) playing and asked if he would like to perform for children. This is how he entered in the formal world of Music.

He started singing on the Pakistani Television at the beginning of the 1970’s when the people in Pakistan were not familiar with the modern Urdu music and when western music was generally considered as modern music in Pakistan.
Alamgir’s first song Albela Rahi, was an Urdu translation of a foreign language song. It proved a hit in 1973 among the youth of the 70’s. There was a time during the 70’s when the music loving boys and girls gathered regularly on the streets near the Karachi Jheel Park to get a glimpse of this pop singer as he used to travel along in his red sedan in evening. Alamgir’s second pop song Pyar hai zindagi ka gehna was also an Urdu translation of a foreign song. He soon became popular among the younger generation in the country.Alamgir is also known for his many renditions of Bengali music. The most notable Bengali song he is known to sing is Aamay Bhashaili Rey.
Alamgir made a dash on the Pakistani music scene. He sang for the Pakistani television in the very beginning of his career but later as the time passed he started singing for the Pakistani music industry, With his ear for languages, Alamgir has sung in many languages, he counts North Korea’s President Late Kim Ill Sung among his fans. He has already performed there five times and was awarded pride of performance of rendition of a song in Korean. He has travelled and performed in 45 countries around the world.

In the last 25 years of his fame, he has released about 30 albums, 20 plus in Pakistan and about 5 in Bangladesh, He is now well settled in Georgia, U.S.A. These days he is performing in many of the cities in U.S.A and Canada and once in a while long tours of Europe, Africa, Middle East and the Indian Sub Continent. He has his own computerized studio where he records his own album keeps doing his musical research, making new music.
Aaina is a musical album produced by Pakistani musician and singer, Alamgir  from the soundtrack of the first ground-breaking and the longest running Urdu-language Pakistani movie of the same name in 1976. With lilting music composed by fellow Bengali, Robin Ghosh, it had many songs that were and still are very popular in the industry.

Track listing

Sab Ka Pakistan is a Pakistani patriotic album produced by Pakistani pop singer, Alamgir. Many of the songs were popular and accepted with great nation pride.

Track listing

Links For more Songs: http://uk.youtube.com/my_playlists?p=55E36280122A74A3


 Wada Karo Saajna – Aaeena

Yeh Shaam Aur Tera Naam – [http://youtu.be/wOfvJ09VdMY]

یہ شام اور تیرا نام

Khayaal Rahkna-خیال رکھنا خیال رکھنا 

دیکھا نہ تھا کبھی ہم نے یہ سماں

Dekha Na Tha Kabhi Humne Ye Samaan

تم ہی  سے اے مجاہدو جہاں کا ثبات ہے

Tum Hi Say Ae Mujahido Jahan Ka Sabaat Hai

Dekh Tera Kya Rang Ker Diya Hai -دیکھ تیرا کیا رنگ کر دیا ہے

Aao Kahein Dor Chalein – آؤ کہیں دور چلیں

Sona Sona Jeewan Apna – سونا سونا جیون اپنا

Tum Kahein Hum Kahein

Tum Kya Mile Zindagi Mili

Alamgir Reciting ” Khalil Jibran “
Alamgir singing “Jugni”
Ghazal by Pakistan’s Pop sensation Alamgir – Raaston ko yaad rakh sakte hain deewane kahan – in Rupak Tala
Ghazal by Pakistan’s Pop sensation Alamgir – Duniya jise kehte hain jadoo ka khilona hai – in Slow Keherwa
Ghazal by Pakistan’s Pop sensation Alamgir – Nahin Niggah Main manzar tau justujoo hi sahi – Faiz Ahmed Faiz
Wada Karo Saajna – Remix


1. FAISAL ISMAIL - October 28, 2008

Please advise on where i can purchase Alamgir cds.

2. F@rzana - October 28, 2008

Hi Faisal,
I don’t know where you live but If you are in Pakistan “Shalimaar” recording company would be the Ideal place to get all the songs of Alamgir, Alternatively go on youtube or any pakistani music site…..I’m afraid I can’t help you more then that.

3. Ahmed Ekram - February 7, 2009

Alamgir,a very good nd old friend of mine frm Bangladesh,since we meet closely 1970,during SSC exam,I M desperately looking fr him since I saw him after a long time.PTV (London)
My Lon Mob ph no :07943848973.

4. Naina - February 9, 2009

Mr.Ahmed, you can send him your msg on this link.


5. singeralamgir - February 10, 2009

this is alamgir

this the perfect time for you to have my CD and me to have your support.
go to my website, infact its all my fans website. since i am a fan of myself also, so this is my website too:


6. Faisal khan - April 12, 2009

MR kamal, dostogir ,saiful munna they r all my mama.and aamir is also my brother,then mr alamgir r u not my mama….u forgot us……! im faisal khan your bhaigna,want to meet u….r u fine….well i want to tell that your songs touch my heart…..im the son of mrs benju khan. valo thaken. well my facebook address is, Faisal_khan66684@yahoo.com pls connect me or send msg me here. on facebook account.

7. comillatown - June 20, 2009

Mr.alamgir,u r a bengali,why u gone there in karachi
we want u in Bangladesh…………
come ur motherland plssss

8. Khalid Raheem - June 25, 2009

Alamgir – Dekha na tha Classic Ptv 70’s
the song has been removed. How can I get it, plz.

9. Khalid - August 18, 2009

Dear All
I need to download following song.
Alamgir – Dekha na tha Classic Ptv 70’s

Can anyone help me as this is no more available on the site.

10. sami malik - August 24, 2009

i love alamgir’s voice he is truely pakistani best patriotic singer allah kare mere umar b un ko lag jaye

11. Zeeshan - March 28, 2010

Great blog about a great singer… thank you very much for giving us this

12. Jawaid Khan - March 31, 2010

Totally agreed with all my friends those comments on top. Alamgir is a good singer with good voice but he is not a good artiest. Because, he never gave credit to who has brought to PTV and wrote songs for him. His first song belongs to Shair Siddiqui. We all know that the showbiz is like that but ….. still good artists remember their MOHSIN and respects.
If you want to know more about it, write jawaidfk@yahoo.com.

13. seeme - January 10, 2011

Dear farzana, do you have alamgir’s rare ghazal “samjhte thay hum bhi keh ji na sakain gai”? if you have please do upload that ghazal.

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