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Qeema Biryani – قیمہ بریانی May 15, 2009

Posted by Farzana Naina in Poetry.
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Qeema Biryani


Half a Kilo Chicken or Mutton Mince

Half Kilo Basmati rice

One cup Olive Oil

2 Table Spoons of Ginger/Garlic paste

2 Medium Size Onions – Chopped into medium Cubes

1 Small Onion sliced thinly into long pieces

1 Red Capsicum – Chopped into medium Cubes

1 Green Capsicum – Chopped into medium Cubes

2 Medium size Tomatoes – Chopped into Cubes

1 Fresh Lemon  – Chopped into medium Cubes

4 Green Chillies – Slatted

Fresh Coriander – Chopped

2 Teaspoon Salt

2 Teaspoon Red Chilli Flakes

2 Teaspoon Coriander Seeds – Crushed

1 Teaspoon Garam Masala Powder

1 Teaspoon Cumin Seeds

8-10 Cloves

8-10 black pepper Corn

1 Piece Cinnamon

3 Bay leaves (Tezpaat)

1 Table Spoon Kewra or Rose water

1/4 Teaspoon yellow food colouring

First, Soak the rice in a bowl filled with hot or cold water.

1- Heat half the oil in a pan add one chopped onion, fry until golden brown.

2- Add ginger/garlic paste and give it few stirs.

3- Add Chicken/Mutton mince and stir once.

4- Add Chilli flakes, Coriander seeds, Cumin seeds, Garam masalah 1 teaspoon salt then stir once more, cover and leave it to cook on medium heat         until the juices gets dry, this makes the mince into rounded chunks do not stir during this cooking.

5- Fill a large pan with water; add bay leaves, Cloves, Black pepper Corns and 1 teaspoon salt then let it boil on full heat, add rice keep boiling until half cooked.

6- Meanwhile Fry the Onion slices in a separate frying pan until golden brown and mix the yellow food colouring (Zarde ka Rang) in a small bowl with rose water or Kewra.

7- Rice must be half cooked during this time so drain the water and divide rice into two portions put one back into the pan.

8- Add cooked mince layer on top of the rice then red and green capsicums, chopped Onions, slatted green chillies, Chopped Lemon, Chopped tomatoes and chopped Coriander then layer the second portion of rice on top of it.

10- Add kewra mixture right into middle of pan without stirring.

11- Layer fried onions on top of the rice and spread the rest of oil.

12- Put the pan back with lid on cooker, full heat for 3 minutes then reduce the heat on lowest, simmer for 5-10 minutes or until the rice fully cooked.

Chat Patti Qeema Biryani is ready to tempt many more…(Ha ha ha)

Serve it with onion rings, tomatoes and Yogurt/Mint sauce (Raita).

Meerabai – آنسو May 13, 2009

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The Heat of Midnight Tearsmail by Priy@

Listen, my friend, this road is the heart opening,

Kissing his feet, resistance broken, tears all night.

If we could reach the Lord through immersion in water,

I would have asked to be born a fish in this life.

If we could reach Him through nothing but berries and wild nuts,

Then surely the saints would have been monkeys when they came from the womb!

If we could reach him by munching lettuce and dry leaves,

Then the goats would surely go to the Holy One before us!

If the worship of stone statues could bring us all the way,

I would have adored a granite mountain years ago.

Mirabai says: The heat of midnight tears will bring you to God.

mail by Priy@

The Music

My friend, the stain of the Great Dancer has penetrated my body.

I drank the cup of music, and I am hopelessly drunk.

Moreover I stay drunk, no matter what I do to become sober.

Rana, who disapproves, gave me one basket with a snake in it.

Mira folded the snake around her neck, it was a lover’s necklace, lovely!

Rana’s next gift was poison: “This is something for you, Mira.”

She repeated the Holy Name in her chest, and drank it, it was good!

Every name He has is praise; that’s the cup I like to drink, and only that.

“The Great Dancer is my husband,” Mira says, “rain washes off all the other colors.” ~ Meerabai.

 crying angel 8

Meerabai The Movie