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Saghar Siddiqui – ساغر صدیقی March 7, 2008

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Saghar Siddiqui (1928-1974) was an Urdu poet from Pakistan.  In spite of his ruined and homeless alone life, he remained famous and successful till his death among the masses. Saghar is also known as a saint and when he died, he left nothing but a pet, his dog, who also died on the same foot path where Saghar died a few days earlier.


Saghar was born in 1928 in Ambala as Muhammad Akhtar. History has no record of Saghar’s personal life and very less is known as he never spoke to anyone in this regard.

Saghar started poetry at very young age. At age 16, he would regularly attend mushairas.At aged 19, he migrated to Pakistan in 1947 and settled in Lahore. At the time of partition, he was only 19 years old. In those days with his slim appearance, wearing pants and boski (yellow silky cloth) shirts, with curly hair, and reciting beautiful ghazals in a melodious voice, he became a huge success. He had some tragic turns in his life. He continued to write poetry for the film industry and moved on to publish a literary magazine. The magazine was a critical success but a commercial flop. Disappointed, Saghar shut down the magazine. In his later life, he fell into depression, financially ruined and addicted to drugs.

Sometimes he would have to sell his poetry to other poets for a few rupees. He would use the waste paper spread around to light fires to stay warm during winter nights.


On 19 July 1974, he was found dead on a roadside in Lahore at the age of 46. His dead body was found one early morning outside one of the shops. He was buried at the Miani Sahib graveyard. His dog also died there after a few days of Saghar’s death. Despite his shattered life, some of his verses (ash’aar) are among the best in Urdu poetry. It is unbelievable that he kept his inner self so pure and so transcending. He will always be shining like a star in Urdu poetry.

حادثے  کیا  کیا  تمہاری  بے  رخی  سے  ہوگیۓ

ساری  دنیا  کے  لیۓ  ہم  اجنبی  سے  ہوگیۓ

کچھ  تمہرے  گیسوؤں  کی  برہمی  سے  ہوگیۓ

کچھ  اندھیرے  میرے  گھر  میں  روشنی  سے  ہوگیۓ

بندہ پرور  کھل  گیا  ہے  آستانوں  کا  بھرم

آشنا  کچھ  لوگ  راز  بندگی  سے  ہوگیۓ

گردش دوراں  زمانے  کی  نظر  آنکھوں  کی  نیند

کتنے  دشمن  ایک  رسم  دوستی  سے  ہوگیۓ

زندگی  آگاہ  تھی  صیاد  کی  تدبیر  سے

ہم  اسیر  دام  گل  اپنی  خوشی  سے  ہوگیۓ

اب  کہاں  اے  دوست  چشم  منتظر  کی  آبرو

اب  تو  ان  کے  عہد و پیماں  ہر  کسی  سے  ہوگیۓ

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1. sana - June 19, 2008

buhut khoobsurat hai……mashallah……

2. bilal safi - September 2, 2008

wah wah keya bat haimne paje dikl otleya tune kasam se

3. basit - October 19, 2008

hi this is good i like it main ayk larki sa bohat piyar karta hon who bhe bohat piyar karte ha mojh sa magar humara kandan ki waja sa bohat problems hain kiya ap mare help kar sakta han ya nahe main zinge sa har raha ho mara sath koe bhe nahe ha who bhe mojh sa bohat door ho gae ha lakin mojha bohat miss karte ha hum ayk dosra ka bina jee nahe sakta hum kiya karin hum kasa apna ghar walo ko manain kiya ap koch kar sakta han plz ……..koch to
mojh@ ap ki g@zals bohat ache lagte han bohat ache ap hum jasaon ka liya bhe bohat ache gazals likhta han bohat you are great

4. Naina - October 20, 2008

Hi Basit, so sorry to hear your story, all i can say is ke soch samajh ker faisla kerein, ghar wale baad mein khud hi maan jatey hain, apne bachon se kuch din naraazgi ke baad phir un ka bhi dil pighalta hai or narazgi dor ho hi jati hai, Agar aap eik dosre se sacha pyar karte hain or sanjeedgi se eik dosre ke saath zindagi bhar ka saath nibhana chahte hain tau phir aap ko apne liye action lena par ga….umeed hai aap baat samajh gaye hon gay…God bless you with all the happiness in the world….take care 🙂

5. ahmed - December 22, 2008


6. mukhtar - January 30, 2009


7. ali sajjad - May 7, 2009

bas aik mafii,humary toba,,kabhi jo asay sataey tum ko..!!!
lo hath joray,lo kan pakry,ab aur kasay manay tum ko??

jo sach kahaiy tu,tumhain tu gussay na aur dilkash bana diya hay
humary menn ko tu soojhty hay ab aur gussa dilain tum ko………!!!

tu kiya tum ab tak,humary nazron ka sab takzon se bay khbar hu???
humain muhabbt hay tum se pagliii..ab aur kasay batay tum ko…????

bataay tum ko bicharty lamhay labon ki larzish ka kiya sabab tha??
suna tha waqt- e-qaboliyat hay ,so day rahy they duain tum ko.

8. moheed - May 7, 2010

aslam to all im moheed sagar ak

9. Ghaffar Haider - July 16, 2010

very nice work

10. waqas - July 25, 2010

ur poetry is very nice and effective our atmosphere.

11. UZAIR - July 28, 2010

hmm veri Nice

12. Dil ZeR - March 8, 2011

Sagar MA CHalaktay HaiN Samawat Ka Manzar
Saqi Ki Karamat Hain! Dunai ! Teri Kaya Ha

13. Adeel Bari - October 19, 2011


14. IRSHAD - January 27, 2012


15. Asif sham - May 22, 2012

Sagar ki zindgi ka ahwal likh dalo na.Shru sy aakhir tak.

16. aamir - March 10, 2014

hi how r u

17. Malik - May 22, 2014

To some extent, I witnessed (I am in my 70’s now) a dirty drama being played with Saghir Sahib by a cheat film-song writer. He was begging the great poet for some songs in return for two charas-filled cigarettes on The Mall curbside.
That day brought fame and name to this lowly person and BTW one of those songs shot on a struggling young girl changed her life forever.
Saghir Sahib still prevails in respect. The cheater lost somewhere in unknown horizons.

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